Mammoth, California

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If you’re looking to access the unbeatable high alpine terrain around Mammoth, this topographic map route map is the place to start. With backcountry ski routes from the glades of Punta Bardini to the steeps of the Bloody Couloir and Convict Lake, there are enough world-class ski descents on here to keep even the most avid powderhound sated.

This map is available in both paper and digital format.

This easy-to-use map covers the area around Mammoth Lakes, California, including the Sherwins, the Mammoth Crest, and the area around Convict Lake, including ski routes on:

  • Punta Bardini
  • The Sherwins
  • Bloody Mountain
  • Laurel Mountain
  • Red Slate Mountain
  • Mammoth Crest
  • and many more!

Route information, including suggested approaches and descents, is marked on a large scale 1:25,000 map, to help you make the most out of every day in the Mammoth backcountry. The map is accompanied on the back by a self-contained field-guide which shows photos and gives detailed descriptions of some of the most worthy descents, making it easy to find the best trips for any conditions.

Descents of all varieties – from killer couloirs to wide open glades – are all covered, so that you can find the run that’s right for you, whether you’re a a hardened veteran or a beginner tourer.


  • 100+ descents ranging from classics to rarely-skied lines
  • Suggested ascent routes to get you up the hill as efficiently as possible
  • Field-guide to the best descents complete with color photos
  • Waterproof, tear-resistant so you never have to worry about damaging your map
  • Fits in your pocket – the map folds down to 4.25″ x 9″ (29.75″ x 25″ when unfolded)
  • Highly detailed with 40ft contour lines
  • Easily readable with a 1:25,000 scale

** Please note that digital maps do NOT include the color photos or route descriptions included in the paper maps. You’ll need to download the Avenza app to use the digital versions of our Backcountry Ski Maps – they are not viewable on a PC or elsewhere outside of the Avenza app. **

12 reviews for Mammoth, California

  1. Edmond Kwok

    Use these maps on almost ever tour!

  2. Suzanne

    Great map! I’m glad someone is finally putting this together. Thanks for making it available to Avenza too. A general comment for all the maps… I would like to see more place names on the map. Ridges, mountains, descents. Gracias!!!!

  3. Joe C.

    Awesome job. And I ve seen a lot in 30 years of bc skiing. Only the Swiss ski maps come close

  4. Bill M.

    It would be 5 stars if it had slope angle colors like the app version.

  5. Justin Barham

    Routes/approach could be more obvious

  6. Anonymous

    Just okay

  7. Erika Lawson

    Very cool map!!! Can’t wait to make use of it!

  8. Nick

    Time to start exploring. Stoked on the map and all the insight.

  9. Ryan Libbey

    Really wish the printed version incorporated a slopemap

  10. Marc T.

    See above

  11. James

    Very helpful! used the electronic version because I forgot the paper map, worked well, showed accurate live location.

  12. Eric B.

    Getting me so stoked to get out there this season!

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