backcountry ski maps app

Thanks to the Avenza Maps app you are now able to purchase a digital version of any of our Backcountry Ski Maps to download on your phone directly from our store.

Digital map downloads allow the user to download a map with or without slope angle shading (or both).

Our downloadable digital maps are a great supplement to paper maps, and are available to purchase as a standalone or as a bundle with a paper map.

They include all the same descents, approaches, and ski lines, and the ability to see where you are when viewed on a GPS-enabled phone.

**Please note that digital maps do NOT include the color photos or route descriptions included in the paper maps.**

backcountry ski maps app

Once you’ve downloaded one of our maps you’ll be able to:

  • View your map with slope angle shading
  • Record GPS tracks
  • View your location on map using GPS
  • Drop placemarks
  • Find map coordinates
  • Measure distance
  • Plot geotagged photos

To purchase a digital map, visit our shop navigate to the map you’re interested in, and select “Paper Map + Digital Download” or “Digital Download Only” from the dropdown menu to get a downloadable version. Once you’ve completed your purchase of a digital map, we’ll email you a private download link.

You’ll need to download the Avenza app to use the digital versions of our Backcountry Ski Maps.

Find out more at How it Works from our friends at Avenza.

Maps Available in Digital Form

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