The Best Comedy Ski Movies of All Time

comedy ski movies

Let’s be honest, no matter how much of a die-hard skier you are, sometimes you just don’t want to watch ski mountaineers taking themselves and the sport seriously. Luckily, Hot Dog brought comedy to the ski movie world and Shane McConkey (AKA Saucer Boy) kept it alive.

If you want to enjoy yourself watching some ripping skiers having a laugh, read on – here are some of the top hilarious ski movie comedies of all time.

Hot Dog… the Movie

Hot Dog was the comedy ski movie that started it all. This thing grossed $17 million, starred a Playboy playmate, and invented the “Chinese Downhill”. Enough said.


The film that defines the genre. Somehow, someone was convinced that it would be a good idea to let Scott and Robb Gaffney produce G.N.A.R., a film based on the game of G.N.A.R., founded by none other than the great Shane himself.

The movie degenerates into the hilarious mess that you might expect, with pro call outs, naked skiing, and pole whacking galore.

Every Squaw skier watches G.N.A.R. at least once a season, and everyone else should too – there’s no better way to get in touch with the fun side of skiing.

Aspen Extreme

Ah Aspen Extreme. Cougars, powder 8s, and avalanches combined to convince literally tens of nascent ski bums to move out to Aspen and give the good life a try.

Sadly, the movie is not so ski bum friendly these days – it’s hidden behind a paywall, but you can watch it here.

Out Cold

With a horrific 8% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes but an 84% audience score, you know this is going to be a good one.

Watch Zach Galifianakis and crew stick it to the man in one of the classic movies of ski comedy.

You can watch Out Cold (after paying for it) here.

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