The Definitive Ski Documentary Must-Watch List

ski documentary list

Not too long ago you would’ve been hard pressed to find a well-produced ski documentary worth watching, but with the proliferation excellent skiers and filmers, the ski documentary genre has experienced some big growth in the last decade.

We’ve assembled this list of the top ski documentaries around so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the cream of the crop.

Few Words

With his cat-like grace and creative POV videos, Candide Thovex has become undoubtedly the best skier of his generation (and likely of all time). But the man behind the GoPro has remained an enigma, shying away from the media.

In Few Words, we finally get an insight into the story behind this ski-machine, following Candide’s journey from his early days as a competition skier to the pinnacle of the skiing world.


Shane McConkey needs no introduction. McConkey celebrates the life of this pioneer of ski-BASE, freeskiing, and fat skis in a hilarious documentary that easily cements its place on this list.

Through all the thrill-seeking and silliness, what real shines through in McConkey is Shane’s unending passion for both skiing and life.

The full movie is well-worth the few dollars to stream. You can find it here.


Eric Hjorleifson (also known as Hoji) is another soft-spoken hardman who hides from the media spotlight but shreds with the best of them.

In Hoji, he gets the feature-length film attention that he deserves at long last. The documentary showcases his unique style of skiing, but also delves into his world as a ski- and boot-tinkerer and product designer for Dynafit.

Check out the full movie here.


This star studded movie traces the history of big mountain skiing through the careers of legends like Bill Briggs, Doug Coombs, and Glen Plake, and into the times of more modern heroes like Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison, Ingrid Backstrom, and Eric Pehota.

If that cast doesn’t do it for you, nothing will.

Watch the full movie here.

Streif: One Hell of a Ride

Streif breaks the mold of most ski films, steering clear of big mountain skiing, and focusing on downhill ski racing. The film follows Erik Guay, Aksel Lund Svindal, Max Franz and Hannes Reichelt as they prepare for the most infamous race in skiing – the Streif at Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel.

If you want an insight into the sport that begins the careers of most of our big mountain skiers, this is the movie for you.

Watch the full movie for free on Red Bull TV here.