Lake Tahoe Backcountry Skiing 101: Mount Tallac

mt tallac backcountry skiing

Route Overview

Mt. Tallac

Starting Elevation: 6,300ft

Summit Elevation: 9,735ft

Cumulative Elevation Gain: 3,475ft

Total Distance Covered: 6mi

Description: A true Lake Tahoe classic, a descent of Mt. Tallac is a right of passage for local backcountry skiers. With stunning views and a variety of terrain – glades, bowls, couloirs, and extreme descents – all just a short jaunt off the road, a descent of Tallac should be on every local skier’s list.

The map included on this page is an approximation with only some routes included. To purchase the full, high-accuracy map with many more ski routes on Tallac and the surrounding peaks click here. Maps are available in both paper and downloadable format.


Tallac’s summit views are not too shabby

Mount Tallac is the crown jewel of Lake Tahoe backcountry skiing. No peak in the area can rival this lakeside giant for variety of terrain. Add in stunning views of the lake, reasonable access, and relatively long runs, and you can see why this peak sits atop the wishlist for nearly every backcountry skier in Tahoe.

Tallac has enough terrain on it to satisfy even the hungriest of backcountry skiers. Bowls, glades, couloirs, extreme descents – it’s got it all.

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The Definitive Ski Documentary Must-Watch List

ski documentary list

Not too long ago you would’ve been hard pressed to find a well-produced ski documentary worth watching, but with the proliferation excellent skiers and filmers, the ski documentary genre has experienced some big growth in the last decade.

We’ve assembled this list of the top ski documentaries around so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the cream of the crop.

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The Best Comedy Ski Movies of All Time

comedy ski movies

Let’s be honest, no matter how much of a die-hard skier you are, sometimes you just don’t want to watch ski mountaineers taking themselves and the sport seriously. Luckily, Hot Dog brought comedy to the ski movie world and Shane McConkey (AKA Saucer Boy) kept it alive.

If you want to enjoy yourself watching some ripping skiers having a laugh, read on – here are some of the top hilarious ski movie comedies of all time.

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6 Backcountry Ski Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Gone are the days when backcountry skiers could only watch films of extreme skiers dropping out of helicopters.

With the burgeoning popularity of backcountry skiing, and the increasing prevalence of environmentalism, backcountry ski movies have become increasingly available and enjoyable.

Keep the stoke alive with this list of our favorite human-powered ski movies.

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